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History of Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets fascinate alot of people. We go over how western markets came to be, and how to identify good opportunities today.

Summing up the Week of the 04/15 - 04/22

Weekly Summing Up

This article goes over the recent week in which demands have further shifted from luxuries to essentials. This has also been seen in the stock market in which stocks value stocks have this year outperformed growth stocks.

Future of the global financial Network

Market Outlook

The global financial network will be shaped by disinterest by US Policy and the abandonment globalist system.

State of the European Economy

Market Outlook

In this article Midas Financials & Co Anylsts go over the current state of the european economy and a little over coming price increasing concerns.

The Carbon Market

Investment Idea

Many Companies have made high commitments to set off their carbon footprint. We expect this market to get substantially bigger.

2022 US-Market Outlook

Market OUtlook

2021 has seen a dramatic soearing of stock prices after the crash in 2020. The Market in 2022 could hold interesting moves.